Restaurant service

The catering service is always been one of the favorite channel of I love Ostrica, our consultants are available to guide you in your choice to select the best product suitable for your menu, and to build a service tailored to your specific needs.


High quality and greatest freshness

These are the essential requirements for our products. That’s exactly why we ask to place your order within Monday for delivery the next Thursday

As stated before, we don’t have “stock”, our only storage is the sea. The products you receive are fished specifically for you on your order basis

 Cold always guaranteed for the entire journey 

To keep perfectly uninterrupted the Cold Chain and within the range of temperature set by law, from 2 to 6 degrees , our distribution throughout the national territory is entrusted to primary companies operating in the logistics sector at controlled temperatures ensuring delivery within 18 hours from shipment date . This way, the goods arrive the Wednesday from the world's finest fishing grounds to the logistic platform of Milan to  leave again to the final destination on the same day.

The result?

Our products comes to your table in a very short time, with the guarantee of never having been effected by temperature changes. The highest possible level of quality assurance is our top priority


Do you want fresh, high-quality fish for your restaurant?

Ask our consultants for the price lists and conditions dedicated to your activity and you will be contacted as soon as possible



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