How to find your favorite oyster?


08 ottobre 2019


guida scelta ostriche
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You must know that, in order to choose the right oyster, you need to know its history, the place where it was born and the characteristic passion with which it is raised by the best oyster farmers on the French coasts (but not only, there are also excellent Italian oysters).
It is about learning to know the shape, the caliber and the qualities that distinguish it from the others, so that you can choose the perfect combination for your palate and let yourself be carried away by the sweet, decisive, salty and delicate tastes of the seafood for excellence.
The oyster is a delicacy that owes its origins to antiquity, in the period even before Magna Graecia. For centuries it has been raised and served at zero km on the tables of our ancestors, up to the present day.
Its organic farming by nature has always been the fundamental step that determines the growth of the fruit. Flat or concave oysters can be bred, depending on the depth of the shell, and they can be more or less fleshy depending on the ability of the oyster farmer to intervene in its growth process.
In our complete guide you will find all the information you need (and more) to become part of this distinct and fascinating world, where luxury and sophisticated taste meet to give you a unique and sublime experience every time!
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