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Accessories Oyster knife

Oyster knife

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Here is the knife we recommend to easily open all types of oysters. Thanks to our experience, we can say that by following our tutorial that you find below and using this knife, you will be able to open oysters easily and without danger!
  • Follow our tutorial video to the letter, read the complete instructions for further information
  • Open the oysters up to 30 minutes before consumption, in case the opening times are longer, keep them in the refrigerator until consumption
  • Do not wash the oysters under water, it is not necessary and you risk contaminating them
  • Avoid rinsing open oysters under running water to avoid contaminating them
  • Remove any debris that you will find on the knife between the opening of one oyster and the other
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Express or Non Express
What does it mean?
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Marco F.10 marzo 2023
Niente da aggiungere sulla qualità del prodotto… sempre ai massimi livelli! 🔝 anche il servizio di consegna e il packaging sono da applausi 👏 bravi
Paolo02 marzo 2023
siete precisissimi fantastici e sopratutto avete prodotti eccellenti grazie
Lorenzo03 gennaio 2023
Ottimo prodotto, packaging perfetto, conservazione top. Istruzioni per l'uso di grande professionalità. Alla prossima, cordiali saluti, Lorenzo
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