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Ostriche Gillardeau

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A legend

The laser tagged oyster
The Gillardeau family is an institution of French oyster farming, this product is considered the "Dom Perigon" of oysters. It is a family-run business located in Marennes Oléron, which for 110 years has been producing and selecting one of the most requested oysters by chefs from all over Europe. It is easily recognizable as a "G" is laser engraved on each oyster, a symbol of the product's originality and uniqueness.
The meat is nutty, fleshy and succulent. Each sensation is balanced, the light sapidity is balanced by a unique sweetness of its kind. Fleshy marries tenderness, elegant persistence concludes a masterpiece of oyster farming.
  • Caliber 4: "Papillon" for a small, sweet and crunchy bite. Perfect for an aperitif, are loved by everyone!
  • Caliber 3: the caliber you would normally find in French Bistros or restaurants
  • Caliber 2: considered as the "magnum" bottle in wines, the best expression between the fleshiness and maturity of the oyster
  • Caliber 1: for those who love rich, meaty and sumptuous bites
  • Caliber 0: a true legend, a rare and precious product. Also perfect for making Gillardeau sashimi.
Scientific Name Crassostrea gigas
Catch area France, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Charente-Maritime, Marennes-Oleron
Product availability all year long
Production method Farmed
Awards Farmer's selection
taste Light sapidity, a perfect balance taste between sweet and salty
texture crunchy and persuasive
Product Label The indications on the products may vary due to changes made by the manufacturers that could temporarily cause variations between the information on the site and those reported on the products that are delivered. We therefore invite you to check the information on the label or packaging of the product before consuming or using it. For more information on the technical characteristics of the product, please contact our customer care
Accuracy of the indicated weight
The indicated weight may undergo a slight deviation due to the cut or type of product and the natural weight loss during transport
  These animals must be alive at the time of purchase
Express or Non Express   What does it mean?
Express or Non Express
What does it mean?
All the "EXPRESS" branded products that you find in the boutique, has to be ordered by 10.00 am, to be received the next day. To also receive products on reservation that do not have the "EXPRESS" tag, they must be ordered by Monday, you can receive them starting from Thursday.
Opening the oysters   it's simple!
Opening the oysters
it's simple!
Use the right tools you find in the accessories section. It is important not to use knives that have not been designed for this specific use eg. grit knife. Follow our directions by reading our instructions, the result is guaranteed!
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Valeria Pintonello30 maggio 2022
Grazie mille per la vostra sollecitudine! Voglio complimentarmi con voi per il vostro sugo all'astice. Ho fatto un figurone con i miei commensali. Ho provato le ostriche Daniel Sourlut. Non avevo mai mangiato un'ostrica così buona... Ormai siete diventati una certezza. Avanti così! Grazie per il vostro impegno e serietà
Arseniolupin25 marzo 2022
Ottimo. Tutto fresco, gustoso ed esteticamente ineccepibile.... Bravi!
Liviofranc12 marzo 2022
Ottimi prodotti spediti in maniera perfetta e veloce. Ho provato il crudo e le ostriche. Davvero tutto di buonissima qualità. Costo un po' alto, ma adeguato ai prodotti freschissimi. Esperienza da ripetere quanto prima
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