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The best eggs

A leggendary sturgeon

The Sevruga is part of the "triad" of the imperial sturgeons of Russia, along with Beluga and Asetra. Considered by lovers to be simply the best caviar sturgeons!



Produced from the star sturgeon, a relatively small fish with long egg maturation times. At least 14 years must pass before this sturgeon's eggs can be ready to be tasted. It is considered by many, together with Beluga and Asetra, to be the most refined quality of caviar due to its balanced taste.


It is distinguished from the others by the very small caliber of the eggs which is around 2 mm and by the light color, tending to beige.



Being the rare and precious "triad of sturgeons", we advise you to taste them together, perhaps in the company of passionate friends, to appreciate the nuances of imperial sturgeons. Here's how to taste them:


  • Beluga: the most delicate caviar, with the largest eggs, about 3 mm
  • Sevruga: for its balanced taste it is positioned between the two. From the smallest eggs, about 2 mm
  • Asetra: the most intense of the three, with eggs of intermediate size.
Nome scientifico Arcipenser stellatus
DIAMETRO UOVA Da 2 ai 2,2 mm
ORIGINE Allevato in Italia
INGREDIENTI Uova di Storione, sale, conservante E285
Allergeni evidenziati in grassetto
caviale beluga
Valore energetico 1034KJ/248kcal
Grassi 15,6 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 3,9 g
Carboidrati 4,26 g
di cui zuccheri < 0,2 g
Proteine 23,7 g
Sale 3,5 g
umidita' 53,29 g
ceneri 4,26 g
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Accuracy of the indicated weight
The indicated weight may undergo a slight deviation due to the cut or type of product and the natural weight loss during transport
  These animals must be alive at the time of purchase
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