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Sea urchins

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Deep sea flavor

From Galicia
From the warm coasts of the Galician sea you can enjoy the sea with the flavor of these sea urchins.
why did we choose sea urchins?
The characteristic of Galician sea urchins is that they are small and tasty. Having grown up in the waters of our seas, the taste is intense with sweet notes.
The sea urchins are packed in wooden boxes. The size is variable from 5 to 12 pieces. Being a product closely linked to the weather conditions and fishing, in case of unavailability after the purchase you will be contacted.
how to the clean sea urchins?
Protect your hand with a gardening glove or thick rubber gloves. Use pointed scissors to make a circle, starting from the hole you will find on the "flat" end. Make a round. Then beat the hedgehog on a cutting board to remove anything that is not coral, this will remain anchored inside the hedgehog. Enjoy them by the spoon or to season pasta.
Scientific Name Paracentrotus lividus
Nord est Atlantic - Fao 27
Sea Urchin
(allergens in bold)
Catch method Hand fishing 
defrosted Not defrosted, fresh
Valore energetico
Grassi 3,40g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 1,70g
Carboidrati 3,90g
di cui zuccheri 3,90g
Proteine 12g
Sale 1,40g
Product Label The indications on the products may vary due to changes made by the manufacturers that could temporarily cause variations between the information on the site and those reported on the products that are delivered. We therefore invite you to check the information on the label or packaging of the product before consuming or using it. For more information on the technical characteristics of the product, please contact our customer care
Accuracy of the indicated weight
The indicated weight may undergo a slight deviation due to the cut or type of product and the natural weight loss during transport
  These animals must be alive at the time of purchase
Express or Non Express   What does it mean?
Express or Non Express
What does it mean?
All the "EXPRESS" branded products that you find in the boutique, has to be ordered by 10.00 am, to be received the next day. To also receive products on reservation that do not have the "EXPRESS" tag, they must be ordered by Monday, you can receive them starting from Thursday.
Defrosted Product   do not refreeze!
Defrosted Product
do not refreeze!
This product has been frozen at the source to guarantee you the highest quality. It was then defrosted in our laboratory and packaged. Keep it in the refrigerator until it expires, it cannot be refrozen.
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Marco F.10 marzo 2023
Niente da aggiungere sulla qualità del prodotto… sempre ai massimi livelli! 🔝 anche il servizio di consegna e il packaging sono da applausi 👏 bravi
Paolo02 marzo 2023
siete precisissimi fantastici e sopratutto avete prodotti eccellenti grazie
Lorenzo03 gennaio 2023
Ottimo prodotto, packaging perfetto, conservazione top. Istruzioni per l'uso di grande professionalità. Alla prossima, cordiali saluti, Lorenzo
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