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Tasting for 2 people

Our raw fish
Let yourself be guided by our experience, with this selection of tartare you have everything you need to quickly and successfully compose your raw plate!
We have selected the products that are most chosen by satisfied customers who amazed their guests, serving our selection of crudités as in the best restaurants.
Discover the tasting you prefer, each one is perfect to be an abundant appetizer for two people, by selecting both you can ensure an unforgettable appetizer for up to 6 people! Find out below how the two selections are composed.
As required by law, this fish is suitable for raw consumption thanks to the lowering of the temperature. Upon receipt, store it in the refrigerator at 0 ° C using the ice lollies you will receive (see further details below), follow the expiry date shown on the package.
prodotto quantità Etichetta  
Salmon 50 grammi
Salmo Salar
Bred: Norway
Ingredients: salmon
Shrimp tail 50 grammi
Pleoticus muelleri
Trawl caught: South Atlantic, FAO 41
Ingredients: shrimp, sulphites
Red prawn 50 grammi
Aristaeomorpha foliacea
Trawl caught: Mediterranean, FAO 37
Ingredients: shrimp, sulphites
Tuna ikejime 50 grammi
Thunnus thynnus
Fished with hooks and lines: Mediterranean Sea, FAO 37.1.1
Ingredients: tuna
Langoustine 50 grammi
Nephrops norvegicus
Pescato reti da traino: Mar Mediterraneo, FAO 37
Ingredienti: Scamposolfiti 
(allergeni evidenziati in grassetto​​​​​)
Cuttlefish 50 grammi
Sepia officinalis
Trawl caught, FAO 37
Ingredients: cuttlefish
prodotto Etichetta  
Salmo Salar
Allevato: Scozia
Ingredienti: salmone
Mazzancolla tigrata
Penaeus kerathurus
Mar Mediterraneo, FAO 37.2.2
Ingredienti: mazzancolla, solfiti
(allergeni evidenziati in grassetto​​​​​)
Gambero rosa
 Parapenaeus longirostris
Pescato reti da traino: Mediterraneo, FAO 37
Ingredienti: gamberosolfiti
(allergeni evidenziati in grassetto​​​​​)
Gambero viola
Aristeus antennatus
Pescato reti da traino: Mediterraneo, FAO 37
Ingredienti: gamberosolfiti
(allergeni evidenziati in grassetto​​​​​)
Seppia officinalis
Pescato reti da traino, FAO 37
Ingredienti: seppia
Granchio nuotatore

Portunus Segnis 

Pescato reti da traino: Mar Mediterraneo Centrale FAO 37.2.2

Ingredienti: granchio nuotatore, solfiti
(allergeni evidenziati in grassetto​​​​​)
Riponi il ghiaccio in gel sopra il pesce crudo 

All our raw products are packaged with innovative hermetically sealed food trays which, thanks to the "controlled atmosphere" technology, guarantee the quality of the product for at least 4 days from delivery.

On each package there is the expiration date.

When you receive it, put the package in the refrigerator, it cannot be frozen

Since the refrigerator at home is often open, it can be difficult to maintain a constant temperature of your raw fish. We recommend that you use the ice tablets that you will find in the box to keep the temperature constant.

how to serve it?
Open the food trays 15-30 minutes before use to enjoy it at its best. Season them with olive oil and Maldon salt flakes.
Valore energetico 142kcal/594,128kJ
Grassi 6,34g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 0,981g
Carboidrati 0,0g
di cui zuccheri 0,0g
Proteine 19,84g
Sale 0,04g
Valore energetico 158kcal/ 452KJ
Grassi 0,95g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 0,235g
Carboidrati 0,0g
di cui zuccheri 0,0g
Proteine 23,38g
Sale 0,009g
Valore energetico
79 kcal/331 kJ
Grassi 0,7g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 0,235g
Carboidrati 0,8 g
di cui zuccheri 0,0g
Proteine 16,2g
Sale 0,4g
gambero rosso
Valore energetico 71kcal/297kJ
Grassi 1,01g
di cui acidi grassi saturi 0,115g
Carboidrati 0,91g
di cui zuccheri 0,0g
Proteine 13,61g
Sale 0,556g
gambero argentino
Valore energetico
361KJ/ 85kcal
di cui acidi grassi saturi
Carboidrati 0,0g
di cui zuccheri 0,0g
Sale 0g
Valore energetico
Energia 347 kJ/ 83 kcal
di cui acidi grassi saturi
Carboidrati 0,0g
di cui zuccheri 0,0g
Sale 4,51g
Product Label The indications on the products may vary due to changes made by the manufacturers that could temporarily cause variations between the information on the site and those reported on the products that are delivered. We therefore invite you to check the information on the label or packaging of the product before consuming or using it. For more information on the technical characteristics of the product, please contact our customer care
Accuracy of the indicated weight
The indicated weight may undergo a slight deviation due to the cut or type of product and the natural weight loss during transport
  These animals must be alive at the time of purchase
Express or Non Express   What does it mean?
Express or Non Express
What does it mean?
All the "EXPRESS" branded products that you find in the boutique, has to be ordered by 10.00 am, to be received the next day. To also receive products on reservation that do not have the "EXPRESS" tag, they must be ordered by Monday, you can receive them starting from Thursday.
Defrosted Product   do not refreeze!
Defrosted Product
do not refreeze!
This product has been frozen at the source to guarantee you the highest quality. It was then defrosted in our laboratory and packaged. Keep it in the refrigerator until it expires, it cannot be refrozen.
Suitable for raw consumption
Suitable for raw consumption
Blast chilled to - 60 ° C in a very short time: in this way we guarantee the seriousness and safety of a starred restaurant in your home. Keep it in the refrigerator and consume it by the expiration date. Do not freeze.
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Johanna08 luglio 2022
Ho appena ricevuto il mio ordine. Il packaging è perfetto. Poiché è il mio primo ordine , ho praticamente fatto un assaggio. Questa sera assaggerò tutto, ma se tanto mi da tanto, penso che sarà tutto squisito. Ad un prossimo sicuro incontro. Giovanna Rivera
Fabio01 giugno 2022
Il prodotto è arrivato confezionato e conservato perfettamente. Qualità ottima. Tutte le persone a cena sono rimaste soddisfatte. Probabilmente ripeterò l'esperienza.
Valeria Pintonello30 maggio 2022
Grazie mille per la vostra sollecitudine! Voglio complimentarmi con voi per il vostro sugo all'astice. Ho fatto un figurone con i miei commensali. Ho provato le ostriche Daniel Sourlut. Non avevo mai mangiato un'ostrica così buona... Ormai siete diventati una certezza. Avanti così! Grazie per il vostro impegno e serietà
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